Spray Tanning

SPRAY TANNING ... from $50

Natural glow with our exclusive solution, no orange tones & with a quick setting time of 1-3 hours. 

+ Bring a friend ... $40each 



What to do before coming to your Spray Tan: 
  • Remove unwanted hair from your body. Waxing or shaving 8 to 24 hours before the tan is important as the skin becomes prepared for the absorption of the tanning solution. 
  • Shower before your session. Avoid using body washes which are extra moisturizing and opt for a gel-based body wash or bar soap. 
  • An essential spray tan before and after step that is often overlooked is remembering to wear loose and dark clothes to your spray tanning session. 
  • Exfoliation plays a vital role in the tanning process. Exfoliating prior to the session will remove the dead skin and extend the life of your tan.
  • If you have an appointment for a manicure or pedicure, keep it before your spray tanning session.
  • Spray tanning before and after care also involves not wearing deodorant, lotions or perfumes both before and right after the spray tanning session. 
  • Do not apply a moisturizer or body butter before the tanning session. These create streaks in the tan as the solution slides off from the skin instead of being absorbed.
  • Wear something lose (like a maxi dress or a oversized shirt), we will supply disposable G-strings, hair nets and wipes if needed. It is up to you if you wear your under underwear, disposable, or go nude while being sprayed -completely up to you. 

What to do after your Spray Tan: 
For the duration of your setting time which your Skin Coach (usually 1-4 hours) will give you: please:
  • Stay away from water. Do not engage in the washing of feet or hands immediately after the session. Stay away from activities that make you sweat. Say no to the gym, swim or run.
  • In case of rainy weather, even if it is droplets, carry an umbrella. Even a few drops of water can cause spots of discoloration on your skin.
  • Use only baggy and loose clothes. Do not use your tight undergarments especially bra at least for 4 hours after the session. 
  • Do not use deodorants and perfumes immediately. The presence of alcohol and aluminum in these products will react with your spray tan resulting in uneven spots and blotches.
  • Wear flipflops, not shoes and long boots. Shoes and boots can hamper the chemicals sprayed and will restrict the development of tan on your feet.
  • Don’t sweat: Don’t indulge in any activities that will make you sweat out and thus destroying the sprays.
  • Ask for expert advice from your Skin Coach regarding the lotion, soaps or anything else to be used thereafter. - We recommend our Hydralouffa and Max Moist for the best tan extender and results! 
  • Let the pedicure and manicure wait till your tan washes off. 
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