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Enbioment Mist


Casting a fine coating over the skin, Enbioment Mist is the second step in the Enbioment range, creating the ideal environment for a healthy, balanced microbiome on the skin to develop in. It does this by working to calm the skin and reduce inflammation that may trigger the growth of opportunistic (bad) bacteria, regulating the skin flora through activation of beta-defensin synthesis. Beta-defensin has been shown to strengthen the skins immune system. As a result Enbioment Mist can also help reduce redness and irritation. Additionally, it provides the food necessary for healthy microbiome development.

How to apply:

After cleansing with EnbiomentCleanser spritz the affected area with a thin layer of Enbioment Mist 

The Skin Coaches Tip: (you do not want to wet the skin as you would with Herb & Mineral Mist).

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