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3 in 1 Exfoliant & Mask


3 in 1 MASK

3 in 1 Exfoliant, Mask and Gommage in one! An ideal at home exfoliation step for all skins, utilising an 18% enzyme blend of Mango, Pomegranate and Papaya to digest redundant cells revealing a smooth, radiant complexion.


 Apply a very thin, mask like layer and press into clean, dry skin using fingertips to face and throat. Leave for five minutes and remove in a gommage fashion for healthy skin. It is recommended that sensitive or inflamed skins remove with water and not gommage (to avoid friction). Use once or twice a week when the skin needs an exfoliation and/or pick me up.


 Can be mixed with Exfoliating Cleanser to give a double exfoliation treatment.

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